International Women's Struggle

Tomorrow the world will celebrate International Women's Day in order to honour the persistence and tenacity with which women have worked toward their freedom. And of course we still have a long way to go. The day will host an array of events in many countries around the globe. 

While I hope women (and men) enjoy their day of celebrations, I believe it is important to remind that not all women are treated equally. If calling out the injustices that women face in the workplace and at home, professionally and privately, let us use the opportunity to openly discuss our differences and how they affect our daily lives.

Body/build, class, gender/gender presentation, education, ethnicity, race, sexuality/sexual orientation and so many more attributes, that contribute to our individuality, divide and unite us at once. Let us use the day to make every woman's story visible, acknowledged, respected and honoured. That is what I strive to do tomorrow and everyday. And you?