Venue Search

After only a few months, our community yoga classes at lululemon Spitalfields will end. We began offering after-work yoga classes for our community members in February at this venue. Unfortunately tomorrow's class will be the last, so we are on the look out for the next location that is hopefully a better fit.

The after-work yoga classes are a great opportunity for our community members to experience a gentle introduction into yogāsana practice. Thus far classes were offered every first and third Wednesday of the month from 7pm - 8pm. These dates and timings might change depending on the next venue that we find.

What won't change is the purpose of the class: to introduce yoga into your regular holistic wellness practice. With a focus or theme for each session, participants are guided through a practice that is appropriate for all levels. Many of the people who are complete beginners, meaning they have never tried yoga before. Everyone leaves the practice knowing that yoga truly is for everyone.

We have to ask for your patience while we search for the right venue to continue our classes. We are looking for a venue that already has mats and is centrally located. If you know of or run a venue that might be a good fit, please do get in touch with us. We are open to your suggestions.

We will soon announce some very exciting news about other collaborations. Stay tuned!