Perfectly Imperfect

Just 10 to 15 years ago perfection was often named in interviews as a strength yet today people are advised to list it as a weakness or to avoid the word altogether. Why? There are a lot of opinions - too many to mention here.

Technology is sometimes sold as being the perfect solution to [insert problem here], however technology is still human-made. How often have you woken up to your website down, the wifi working tediously slow, or even the hot water off? And how do you respond to these minor setbacks that should not happen?

Life is a journey of imperfections, mishaps, accidents, twists and turns. I doubt that most people can even remember when the first seed was planted that they should avoid rejections and risks in order to form the perfect life. But that seed is fruitless.

Use the mat as an opportunity to practice self-awareness and self-compassion to confront desires and notions of perfection. If a great master yogi like Sri BKS Iyengar can make a statement like it taking 25 years to find that spot at the crown of the head where headstand feels effortless, then surely we can commit to reposing the pose without expecting there to be an end pose where our work is done.

You will burn a meal, stomp your toe, forget your lines, arrive late to an important meeting, sweat through your clothes, say the wrong things and so forth. But what will you do next?


You are perfectly imperfect as you are.