HER Conversations Podcast

The full title is HER Conversations - Tools for the Awakening Woman. 

HER is an acronym for Higher Energetic Resonance. I have always admired women with presence and power. The women in my family loved me and did their best for me, but I knew that I wanted a different outcome to my life. Working out how to do that has been my life’s quest. 

The Awakening Woman desires to transcend whatever tribulations may have fallen to her and create herself in whatever ways she chooses. 

I am writing a book ‘Becoming HER’ based on my life experience and findings that has three distinct sections. 




I believe that these areas of our lives need to be addressed on our ascension to HER. 

Spirituality. We need to have a communion with something greater than ourselves. Even though we are ultimately part of it. 

Sensuality. Once we have forged that connection we must know how to care for our physical bodies. How do we feed and nurture ourselves? Are we forging good relationships? 

Soul. How are we expressing ourselves in the world? What will our legacy be? Business? Art? Family?

The women who are guests on the show offer their perspectives and also share the tools they can offer for my listeners to become HER. 


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