nOSCARS 2018

On Monday 12 November 2018 OYA Retreats celebrated with its own facilitators as well as with dignitaries, charities and projects the seventh nOSCARS.

nOSCARS are an annual red-carpet event celebrating the people, programmes and media making a positive impact to sexual health outcomes in Black and minority ethnic communities. They are hosted by NAZ, one of the oldest sexual health charities in London dedicated to delivering culturally-specific sexual health services to those historically left behind.

OYA Retreats was nominated in the wellbeing category which recognises the important work taking place at the intersections of mental and sexual health. Further, our resident sex educator, Kim Loliya, was nominated in the LGBTQI category which recognises the intersectional work that represents, uplifts and empowers Black and minority ethnic LGBTQI communities.

Unfortunately, we did not win in our respective categories, but we were excited to be shortlisted and celebrated on the evening among other people doing such essential work. The nOSCARS were wonderful in that they acknowledged the work we’ve been doing over the last few years. They were also a reminder of how much work remains before us, especially in uplifting work led by Black women and women of colour for their sisters. We remain committed and look forward to what we plan to offer in 2019.