Working On Our Power

Today is International Women's Day. There are events scheduled for the entire day throughout the city. Not to mention that the WOW festival is well underway at Southbank Centre. We would like to take a moment to highlight the amazing work that one of our community members is currently leading.

Introducing Working on our power - transformative leadership training for womxn of colour. A 9-month programme for non-binary, trans and cis-women of colour working towards economic and political systems change across Europe. It is being run by WoC for WoC - hosted by

They are currently hiring!

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They are in the process of building a website specifically for the programme but for now they are live online and on Please like and share!

OOP is founded on a set of organising principles that they wish to uphold throughout:

  • Integrity - to remain honest in our mistakes, and to honour our principles in our work by not compromising or falling short of commitments.
  • Accountability - taking full responsibility for our intentions, actions and decisions and the impact this has on the world.
  • Creativity - making empowered decisions and taking risks in ways that challenge our self-belief and sense of possibility.

There are many, many unsung heroes doing the hard work, and they should be celebrated each and every day.