Orgasmic Art Workshop

On our upcoming weekend retreat, Rooted in Her, our resident sex educator, Kim Loliya, will offer a workshop in orgasmic art. Below she writes in her own words what greater purpose such an offering serves. 


Art and sexuality have been linked in subtle ways for centuries and in times when sexuality is repressed, art is one of the few alternative avenues for creative expression and freedom. Yet, most of us don’t acknowledge that our own sexuality is a creative force, let alone harness it to create what we want, whether that’s a painting or a different way of living or being. Orgasmic Art was born out of a desire to support this exploration and I designed it as someone who doesn’t define themselves as an artist (i.e. I’m hopeless at drawing) to make a statement that art is for everyone and that we are all inherently creative and artistic. Creativity and sexuality are our birthright, not something we have to get ‘good’ at or that should look or behave a certain way.

In creating this work, I realised that movement is a key ingredient when looking to ignite both creativity and sexuality because it connects us to our body and our spirit and it ignites an authentic expression of who we are. In a similar way to art, using movement doesn’t have to ‘look good’, sometimes the smallest movements ignite the biggest realisations and shifts in the body. During Orgasmic Art, we include the whole body movement because sexuality doesn’t just live in the genitals, every body part has the potential for pleasure and the more we can release into that without expectation the easier it is to discover more of who we are and more of our potential and grow into more of who we want to be, right now, today.