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Urban Retreat | Evolution of Me | Part I: Coming Home to Self

  • Centre 151 151 Whiston Road London, England, E2 8GU United Kingdom (map)

In this four-part series we will guide our sisters on a journey of grounding and uplifting in order to enable continuous transformation in the body, mind and spirit. Our journey will include discovering and connecting to our sexual self in a safe and boundaried way to bring a more holistic expression of who we are into the world. Places are reserved for Black women and women of colour.

No experience is required; all levels are welcome!


Part I: Coming Home to Self

What does your body need in order to feel safe? In this one-day retreat we will ground and embody boundaries by exploring what safety means from an embodied perspective.

The opening meditation is an opportunity to arrive into the space and feel into where your body is in the present moment and what its needs are as well as to calm the mind and ready yourself for the day’s exercises.

In Stand your Ground we will be finding our centre through breath and movement, bringing awareness to our grounded sense of being and connection to our core. There will be simple exercises that nurture and support our foundation and build self-awareness.

Safety in The Body will take us on an enquiry of how boundaries and consent feel in the body, exploring our authentic ‘yes’ and ‘no’, as well as the grey area in between. Staying in consent with our bodies is the foundation to a happy and healthy sexuality.

The final mindfulness practice is a way to close the sacred space that has been created over the course of the day, so that you feel secure and confident in re-entering the rest of your day.


Workshops led by Kim

Mindfulness & meditation led by Stacie

Each urban retreat will take place at a venue in London. At these retreats lunch is not provided in order to keep costs as low as possible. However, time is scheduled in such a way that you can either take a break or purchase a light snack nearby.

Urban Retreat: Evolution of Me
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