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Virtual 21-Day Body Detox Programme

A 21-Day Journey Back to Bliss

Join us from around the globe to take part in this virtual 21-day body detox programme. 

If you have been trying to break free from the hold of refined sugar, caffeine, alcohol, and other substances that make you feel good on the short term but much less than great in the long run, then this programme is just for you. The focus is not on losing weight, but you might find that it has that effect. Instead, the programme will introduce you to new recipes and meal plans that help you eat in a way that feels good - physically, mentally and emotionally. 

In changing the way you eat over the course of this programme, you will gain energy, lose those mid-afternoon sugar cravings, reduce the hold caffeine has over you, and sleep better.

The programme is easy to follow with a few alternatives to accommodate different dietary requirements. It is a real opportunity to change your habits of not just eating but how you plan to eat in a group with other people sharing the journey, because accountability and grit will help you along the way.



  • easy to follow meal plans for all 21 days that include alternatives to accommodate dietary requirements as well as substitutes for caffeine
  • recipes 
  • list of foods to avoid and why
  • shopping list
  • journal template for daily journaling
  • access to a secret Facebook group to share with everyone on the journey
  • regular articles on the subject of detoxing, meal plans, healthy living, etc.
  • tips on how to transition after the programme
  • 3 group coaching and accountability calls (60 minutes, once a week)
  • 3 individual coaching and accountability calls (30 minutes, once a week for upgraded price)



21-Day Body Detox Programme
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