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Urban Retreat | Evolution of Me | Part III: Authentic Desire

  • Kelechnekoff Studio 161 Sumner Road London, England, SE15 6JL United Kingdom (map)

In this four-part series we will guide our sisters on a journey of grounding and uplifting in order to enable continuous transformation in the body, mind and spirit. Our journey will include discovering and connecting to our sexual self in a safe and boundaried way to bring a more holistic expression of who we are into the world. Places are reserved for Black women and women of colour.

No experience is required; all levels are welcome!

Part III: Authentic Desire

Over the course of this one-day retreat we will explore your deepest desires beyond the surface.

Kundalini Yoga is considered by many to be the Mother of all yoga practices. The asanas practiced in a particular kriya - a series of postures - help to clear the energetic blocks that are in the physical body. The way we move and breathe during the kriya practice allow us to release long-held emotional blocks in the body. In this practice we will focus on the lower three chakras - energy centres - and give space to our deepest and truest desires.

Orgasmic Yoga is a self-pleasure and self-love practice to ignite your erotic landscape and reclaim your sensual and sexual desire, peeling away the layers of shame and judgement that we all carry in our lives. This practice has no goal and is taught through simple tools involving breath, non-intimate touch, movement and sound. The only aim is to build body awareness and stay curious and open to your desire. There is no nudity involved in this session.

Deeksha at the end of the day is an opportunity for you to release everything you no longer desire and clear energy conduits for the new. It is a transference of energy that does not include any form of touch. Deeksha enables the senses to be free and reveals clarity that was clouded by the mind’s interpretation.


Orgasmic Yoga led by Kim

Kundalini Yoga and Deeksha led by Stacie

Each urban retreat will take place at a venue in London. At these retreats lunch is not provided in order to keep costs as low as possible. However, time is scheduled in such a way that you can either take a break or purchase a light snack nearby.   


Urban Retreat: Evolution of Me
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