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Urban Retreat | Finding Freedom

  • London Rehearsal Space Templeton House, 33-34 Chiswell Street EC1Y 4SF London United Kingdom (map)

In Breathe & Release participants will be led by Emma to delve deeply into the breath and the body, unlocking hidden tension from the hips, releasing and restoring balance from outside and within. During the pranayama workshop we will cover a range of techniques, each helping to cleanse, balance, or ignite a different energy or area of the body through breath. We will also journey into our hips, the storage lockers of our most primal, instinctive emotions. We walk around all day holding emotions such as anger, fear, anxiety and sadness, in our hips. They remain here until we move, consciously shift and release them. Let’s unblock, let go, and let it flow.

In an interactive session with Kim, Exploring Shame & Finding Freedom, participants will be exploring one of the most common human emotions: shame. Through cultivating a safer space and using the power of community, we will have the opportunity to bring our shame to light and feel more choice and freedom around it. Every exercise will be fully invitational and you will be encouraged to be kind to yourself throughout our time together. 

Here are some questions which we will delve into: 

- What is shame and how does it show up in our lives? 
- How does shame play out with money, sexuality and our desires? 
- How does shame serve us and what are its uses? 
- How do we communicate feelings of shame? 
- What does freedom from shame look like and what steps can we take to move towards this?

On this urban retreat places are reserved for Black women and women of colour.

No experience is required; all levels are welcome!