OYA Retreats deliver holistic movement and mindfulness experiences to Black women and women of colour. On exclusive retreats in the UK and abroad, guests are offered room to explore, reflect, release, and renew.


Stacie CC Graham, Founder

Stacie is a certified Hatha yoga instructor as well as a certified life coach. As a practitioner, she is dedicated to the lineages of Iyengar and Kundalini yoga. She travels to India every few years in order to study and honour the origins of the tradition. Mindfulness forms the foundation of both her professional and personal work. And yoga, in its entirety, signifies for her an art of living.

Sonja Appel, Yoga Teacher Trainer, Tanpura Player & Mindfulness Educator

Sonja started her journey in yoga 20 years ago with the late Shri K Pattabhi Jois from Mysore, learning the authentic Mysore self-practice of Ashtanga – Vinyasa, from whom she has his blessing to teach. She is also certified by the 'British School of Yoga' in Hatha & Meditation & also certified as a 'Vibrant Living Teacher' in Hatha Flow as well as pre + post natal, children + teens yoga with Santosha Yoga in Bali.

Natalie Armitage, Yoga Instructor

Natalie is a recently graduated yoga teacher, connected with the roots and benefits of Yoga. Hatha and Ashtanga trained, she takes the learnings from both disciplines and focuses on Hatha. Pranayama is her speciality, and building a morning practice that can be taught for clients to practice independently at home. Prior experience working with children with disabilities and of primary school age- she is also trained in Kids Yoga and offers classes for children.

Léa Bematol, Body Work Therapist

Léa is a fully qualified, reliable, and dedicated massage and bodywork therapist certified with a Bachelor of Science (BSc, Health Sciences) in remedial massage and neuromuscular therapy. Her philosophy is "Movement is Life". Her bespoke treatments translate as a window of opportunity that aim to help people find their well-being and balance through a supportive, engaging and person-centred approach. Her work seeks to reunite the body and mind. 

Ratna Bhavani, Ayurvedic Healer & Yoga Instructor 

Ratna is keen on using simplistic treatment methods of Ayurveda to maintain positive health. Ratna’s mission now is to get everyone to understand and integrate Ayurveda into their daily life for positive health results. She employs realistic methods so it is easy to understand and apply. Her desire is to empower individuals with practical tools that enable them to look after their health. She works with a consolidated programme “Clear, Cleanse, Create” that gives her good results.

Jaha Browne, Reiki Specialist

Jaha started her Reiki journey in 2014. Two years later she found herself at  the magical Findhorn Retreat in Scotland, which led her to her current Reiki teacher who attuned Jaha earlier this year to Level 2. Jaha is now learning about crystal and sound healing to combine with her Reiki. 

Amani Eke,  Yoga Instructor

Amani  is the founder of Project Yogi, a not-for-profit organisation providing yoga, mindfulness and social emotional learning activities to young people and their families. She is an Egyptian/Kemetic yoga instructor. Egyptian yoga originates from Ancient Kemet, now known as Egypt. It is a restorative system which has unique postures and principles. It combines physical movement, deep breathing and meditation to help achieve balance, peace, order and discipline which is known as Maat.

Andrea Ferdinand, Yoga Instructor

Andrea is a qualified Asthanga Vinyasa Flow yoga and Yoga 12 Step Recovery teacher. Her practice uses yoga as a therapy for societal pressures and oppressions. Her nurturing, fun classes encourage students to appreciate their strengths on their journey to irie: a journey of being at peace with your current, yet evolving state of being. Her classes empower all to cultivate inner peace and self-love.

Jackee Holder, Workshop Host

Jackee is a writer with a collection of over one hundred journals to date. She is currently training as a Journal Facilitator with The Therapeutic Writing Institute in the USA. She is passionate about sharing evidence-based research on the physical and psychological benefits of journaling and therapeutic writing for health and well being. She is the author of four books including her latest publication, a writing map entitled Writing With Fabulous Trees.

Kim Loliya, Workshop Host

Kim is a certified somatic sex educator and magazine editor who supports people in learning more about their body and sexuality. Kim promotes radical self-love as a way of bringing transformation on an individual, societal and global scale and she is committed to facilitating safe spaces and open-hearted communities where people can really be (with) themselves, share stories and feel nurtured. 

Josetta Malcom,  Yoga Instructor

Josetta has 8 years teaching experience as a British Wheel of Yoga teacher. She has a background in mental health charity work and is a passionate advocate of using yoga to improve emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. She brings yoga to people who cannot easily access mainstream yoga classes for instance, women who have been in detention, refugee and asylum seekers, people on NHS mental health wards and LGBTQI people. 

Emma Nathan, Yoga Instructor

Emma recently studied in India to become a certified Hatha Yoga teacher and has since been teaching in Lagos, Nigeria. She honours the roots and authenticity of yoga by practicing and teaching in its traditional form; connecting body, breath and spirit. Emma is a strong believer in the power of yoga to heal, transcend and transform. She regularly journeys to India to deepen her understanding of yoga and further immerse
herself in this peaceful yet powerful way of living.

Shiggi Pakter, Movement Coach

Shiggi is a Dutch-Kenyan, born and raised Strength and Movement coach based between London, UK and Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Over the years of martial arts and premium division sports experience, she's cultivated an exclusively dynamic movement coaching practice that is heavily influenced by her Kenyan upbringing. As one of only a handful of MovNat certified trainers in the UK, she is presently on a mission to bring the Movement "movement" back to its roots. 

Ania Varez, Movement Artist

Ania is a Venezuelan movement artist and writer based in Bristol, UK. In her practice, she utilises movement and language as tools for social recognition and change. She works especially attending to the issues of othering, migration, belonging and their relationship to landscape. She aims to open spaces for people to exercise choice and attention, as a way to collectively create better ways of being together and being here.